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We encourage diversity of music which reflects the diverse flavours of our eleven different congregations. The parish singers lead the worship and singing at various services throughout the Parish.

Together in Song is our parish hymn book and is used in most of our services.


St Andrew's has a Kawai Digital Piano (CP 116) with a good piano tone and an extensive range of organ sounds which are quite easily accessible to the musician. Finding your way around takes a little practice but once mastered it is a most enjoyable instrument to play. It is very responsive to touch. Default position is the piano. Full instructions are provided in a manual.


St Alban's has a fine Allen electronic organ with swell and great manuals and a full pedal board. There is a good variety of 8', 4', 2' stops for the manuals an also several mixtures. The great and swell can be coupled to the pedal.

St Mark’s has an electronic instrument with 2 manuals and a one octave pedal board. Piano, harpischord and a range of organ sounds are available. It is more complicated to manage the sounds but an explanatory manual is in the church.