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Of all human events, death concerns us the most deeply. When death approaches, whether it be our own or that of someone close to us, it immediately becomes our principal and overriding concern. When people die, their family and friends suffer loss, shock and grief. Grief is like a wound which requires time and care if it is to heal. Nevertheless, God’s love continues through our loss and in our grieving. These services aim to strengthen our assurance of this. On the one hand, Christians know that Christ has triumphed over death, and that therefore we need no longer fear it. The last event in our lives leads on to something richer.

On the other hand, when we have loved deeply and received love, especially when this love has been lasting, the grief and pain suffered is extreme. The loved person will not be encountered again in this life. The future seems uncertain and forbidding. It can be almost impossible for the sufferer to accept the loss.As death approaches, the person and immediate family require regular, loving support. At the time of and immediately after death the need for care is critical. People need to be strengthened by prayers at the time of death and their grieving before the funeral, whether prayer is offered at home, in church, or on the marae.


Planning a Funeral

Together with Christ we journey through the grief and pain of losing our loved ones. It is comforting knowing that a member of Christ’s body has joined God in Heaven in the hope of rising again. We hope this information will provide some guidance in the pre-planning or planning stage of a Funeral.

“I am the resurrection and the life, Says Jesus, Whoever believes in me will never die”


The Funeral

This is the main event and it involves the parish, as well as family and friends. It is usual that the funeral be held in the person’s parish church, however it can also take place at the funeral home, cemetery or crematorium. The priest leading the service will help you plan it, particularly decisions about hymns and readings.


When Someone Dies

Who need to be informed?
- Next of Kin
- Family doctor (if death occurs at home)
- Priest
- Funeral Director


However if the person dies unexpectedly or in unusual circumstances the family doctor and police will need to be informed.


Arranging the funeral

If the cause of death is clear, the doctor will issue a medical certificate of death and you are free to start making arrangements. In the event of the doctor not signing the certificate there maybe some delay as the Coroner will need to be informed and a formal investigation as to why and how the person has died.

“Blessed are they that mourn for they shall be comforted” Matthew 5:4



The clergy are happy to offer Prayers in a House after Death / Te Tikanga Karakia mo te Takahi Whare.


For further information please contact theThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 04 233 9781